I've been playing Guitar for a bout 2 or 3 years now (it depends if you want to include my classical lessons as a child)

I've sort of been on and off over time but never considerably progressed. More recently however I've decided to take it to more than just a hobby and have started composing and learning more songs. I like to play heavy rock, rock and punk rock. I compose rock though, for some reason I just can't compose that heavy XD

Anyway, I currently have an Aria Mac 50 and a Marshall MG30DFX and am in a band. We arnt really in any stage to gig yet, we've been together like a few weeks. But being in a band has made me feel I need to maybe improve my gear or invest in some pedals or equipment. We play punk at the moment but I'm trying to convince them to do rock, haha.

I want to have slight acoustics in my songs aswell though as I love to use the sound but also with solos and heavy-ish breakdowns and choruses.

Heh.. I've written basically an essay and a life story, sorry I tend to blabber XD

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!
if you aren't giggin yet then no, you're gear seems fine. If you do start to gig you may need some new items, it's really up to you.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Your first priority should be an amp, probably 60 watts or so if your eventually going to do small gigs. Or even a 30 or 50 watt tube and som nice pedals. Then get a new guitar, but for gigging youll need both eventually anyways.
I'm thinking of saving up about £400-£600.
So, if I should get a new amp then, what should I consider? Also would there be any point in getting any kind of pedal? I was wondering about getting one that emulates acoustic as I dont really like playing my acoustic over my electric anymore.