Does anyone have any hints on how to play guitar and sing at the same time, or like songs to start with or well bassically anything. (And yes I do know most of it is plain ol' practise, but it's better I don't start with the hardest stuff out there.)

Thanks in advance!

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open mouth
move hand

assholeness aside...practice makes perfect
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i just kept trying. i didn't have a technique, but what i can tell you the first song i sang along and played along to was "about a girl" by nirvana. it seemed to be the easiest one for me anyway. if that helps in any way.
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Avoid picking, play songs with an easy strum pattern to start i.e. all downstrokes
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Yeah I was kind of considering some anti-flag songs to start with, any objections on that one?

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"Wish you were here" helped me alot when i was at that stage, plus the solo is really easy and fun if your just getting started on that also.
basically you need to synchronize what your hands are doing with what your voice is doing. you have to know what words to be singing, at what part of the word you're singing when you hit a certain chord/note/lick on the guitar. if you have to concentrate too much on the playing then your singing will probably be off and vice versa. you should be able to play the guitar part without any issues before you try singing along. it's all probably pretty obvious but that the way i look at it. i dont think theres any big secret about playing and singing..practice