I am soon going to be playing in a jazz/classic rock/rock band and am wondering if I should go for a semi-hollowbody guitar or a solidbody?

I've looked at; Epiphone Casino, various Ibanez Artcore models, and the Schecter CSH12.

Is it worrth getting a 12-string; I play jazz but also things like Byrds, Smiths, Beatles, White Stripes, etc.

Thanks in advance.
Epiphone Sheraton is your best bet. For the price its unbeatable. And trust me bro its the only Epi i would ever talk kindly about.
I have an epi 335 and I love it. Warm, clear, and it sustains forever with a high G.
yea the epi Sheraton is your friend.

rock?? check (even with a lot of distortion is sounds pretty decent)
blues?? heck yes, check
anything clean?? check, check, check
looks cool? imo CHECK
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Yeah, a semi-hollowbody would be great for you. Epi's and the Ibanez artcores are dece for the money you're paying. I have a Schecter six string semi-hollow and I love it. I'm not sure if they make my specific model any more though so a Corsair would be the closest thing. Its a really nice, versatile guitar (coil splitting is fantastic).

As always, the best thing is to try out guitars yourself and decide what you like best, but if my opinion matters, I'd say you're on the right track.

As for a twelve string. They are specialty guitars, something to have on the side, but not something you'll want to or be able to play everything with. Get a six string that you're happy with, then start looking at twelves.
I bought one of the Oscar Schmidt ES-335 copies off Musicians Friend and I love it. It's been a couple years so I'm not sure if they still sell them, but it's an awesome guitar for $200. Even plays better than the Artcores from my experience.