I have decided to purchase an Ibanez 1570, but im unsure of what colour to get. The store where im getting it from only has the blue one, and if i want another colour, i have to order it in, and i will be unable to see it first.

I dont really like the blue colour, and am thinking ill go for the black, but cos ive never seen it i am unsure. Is it the same as the black on the RGR350? If not, what kinda black is it? I have looked at the pics on the Ibanez website, but they are kinda deceptive.

Any advice would be great, if anyone has the black one, could u please tell me what kinda black it is?

It's a flat black which is nice but personally I'd go for red.
EDIT: It's pretty close. The RGR is textured though which gives it a bit of a lighter look.