Im not sure which i should invest in first...

right now im playing a HSS strat copy through a Dean Markley DMC-80, with a digitech RP-200 for effects and distortion. hardly good gear.

I play mainly metal and punk

i have been looking to upgrade my guitar for awhile to something more midrange, (looking at some schecters or ibanez and a few epi g-400's) but looking on these forums it seems the general idea is that amps make up most of the tone. now i play by myself and dont have any plans on gigging ever so i dont need anything crazy, but eventually want an amp that can get some great metal tones out of it.

my reasoning for getting a new guitar over an amp is mainly quality, my strat copy is getting older and starting to show its age and lack of quality so i want something that will stand up to time and be made with quality woods and parts, and for now i think my amp will cut it.

what do you guys think?

i was also wondering if you think if a dedicated distortion pedal like a metal master or MT-2 would give me any better sound out of my amp than the RP-200?
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In answer to your last question. Yes... definitely. I have an RP200 and it sounds like feces compared to some half decent distortion pedals.

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I'd rather play a good guitar with headphones in the rp200 than play a crappy one with a nice amp.
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^I second.

And it sounds like you want a new guitar more than an amp. So just do it.

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Two words, Metal Muff. Less money than metal zone and better.

+1 Buy guitar first, the pedal then amp. And buy a TUBE amp. Trust me, you'll thank me later