explain your morrowindy adventures threw the most magical land in middle Earth! MORRROWIND! Seriously, its like the best game ever. I can't find a single game better than this one except for the first gothic. So talk about morrowind!
lol no. There's already a video games only thread. use the searchbar
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That game ruined my life.
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Epic win. He speaks the truth, boys and girls.

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Morrowind is the best game ever. I have a level 110. I beat every guild possible except thieves because they wouldn't let me join. I did solstheim and mournhold in the expansion and now I can turn into a werewolf on command.
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Great game. What I remember most from Morrwind is walking out to the Wilderness for the first time and having those pterodactyls attack you. Scared the **** out of me.
I was into this game for about three months over summer. For some reason I never got far. I just liked creating new characters and doing things starting from the beginning.

Then I got kind of bored of the game and I haven't been able to get back into it.

It's an amazing game though.

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Yeah it's awesome

I remember I had a level 20 something guy and I was a paladin type Imperial and I somehow skipped everything and went to Dagoth Ur's place (i think that's his names) and fought him but I used cheats for my health and magic and stamina and I beat him...

but I ****ed up my game

EDIT: I think I played that game throughout my entire Middle School life ...
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