Heres the 1st track off a solo album i may be making soon. I made this song, Never really have tried singing or writing lyrics but It just came to me so i tried

Lemme know what you think!

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Put a smile on my face. Loving the vibe from this song. In the beggining your voice sounds strong and the effect is cool. In the middle however we lose you and the effect gets annoying. I definetly want to hear you push that voice. and right when i was chliing relaxing to the song it ends. It almost made me sad haha.

The tone on the guitar is just really good and you made a couple chords sound real good. The lead following the voice also made it special and the panning and tone on the lead was real good. I sensed a david gilmour influence on the solos and they were appropriate in the song. Overal pretty sweet song just expand it. How do you record by the way?
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I'm gonna work on making it longer, but this was really just a quick take and fell into that small spot, but Its really just to try singing for the first time

but for recording i use a shure sm57 mic for all the instruments, i use a blues deville reissue amp and fender american strat

use tascam dp-01 portastudio for mixing/mastering/recording it all
it was less of a planned song just a simple chord vamp to try singing too, and i only had recorded the ryhtmn guitar part to around 2 min's but didnt wanna go back to make it longer, im gonna expand on this later and fully make it into a finished song
This song well I wont lie, I didn't find it interesting at all.

The lyrics are repetitive... so I'm going to suggest actually doing some real lyrical research and study somewhere.

The rythym guitar is okay, its repetitive too but i can accept that more so.

The solo licks are really nice.. Almost so much so that it hurts to hear you go from solos to lyrics..

I mean your a good musican but to make a song of this quality, especially to put in solos that are so nice but yet the rest is plain its just bad.. I hope you see what i'm trying ot say here..

Keep working
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Man, I'm digging the laid back feel of the chords.

Nice lead fills, I like your tone. As for your voice, you get off pitch at times, and seems a bit shaky at times, but your guitar playing makes up for it .

Didn't mean to offend with the voice thing, it sounds pretty all right.

EDIT: BTW thanks for the link to the Blues lick thread from your sig.

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I really like Set Me Free. The only problem for me is that towards the end of the song it gets a little boring, but you said that you are going to expand it. The lead guitar parts were really cool, they suit the song nicely. I think if you work out the structure more you could turn this into a really good song.
Quote by S0ulja23

Didn't mean to offend with the voice thing, it sounds pretty all right.

hey man no offense taken on my part at all, it was my first time ever singing so its not gonna be great the first time
I like the jazzy feel, and the guitar
The vocals are pretty cool too.
I like the beat of it.
Keep it up

But is it just me or does it skip for everyone?
Hey man, I really liked it. The lyrics seemed a little monotone and repetitive, but your playing and your tone made up for it IMO. The solos everywhere made it pretty interesting and cool to listen to. Keep it up.
Pretty much similar to what other people said, I like the guitar tone and feel a lot, but it gets a little repetitive. Great solo too, and the vocals were good but not perfect. Slightly repetitive lyrics and vocals, but whatever, it kept my interest.
Not bad for a first time singing but it could use some work. It is repetitive in my opinion. Cool vocal sound though. The guitar was nothing short of great, and the tone was awesome. I really liked the licks, thats really what made the song in my opinion, i didnt really feel like the vocals added much. Not bad, just not great to be honest. The guitar was though. Mind giving mine a listen, tell me what you think?

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i just got back from a thanksgiving thing with family but ill get to listening to others later!

and ya its my first attempt at singing so if i did okay thats good
Far too many people think that doubling vocals automatically makes them sound better. This is a myth. Sometimes it sounds really good, but your vocals need to be spot on, or you need to use autotune or something. Also, panning them that far apart from each other is usually a mistake. It just doesn't sound natural. Either pan them much closer and have one quite a bit quieter than the other, Or just use one track of your vocals. The rest of the song was really nice, if a bit repetitive, but I just thought I needed to mention the vocal doubling, because far too many people do a really ****ty job of doubling vocals and think that it sounds awesome. Don't be one of those people. Doubling of anything should be used sparingly and intentionally. Intentionally being the key. Sometimes lots of things need to be doubled, but make sure you're doing it for a damn good reason, and that it truly does improve the sound as compared to single tracking.
Vocals are hard to do and to record...Im trying to learn how but its tough...for a first take I say you did pretty good...you can only get better at it over time the more you learn about recording...learning how to record well isnt easy.

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for some reason your voice reminds me of elliott smith. The way its doubled and such I guess.