how do you wear finger picks and wich way do you pick up or down or both
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Finger picks are a ring of metal with a fingernail like attachment on top, taking the place of your nail and acting like a fingernail. The size varies, but you should see which one fits your fingers snugly. They are finger-specific. And you always use downstrokes...think of them as overgrown fingernails, except much easier. I suppose you could use upstrokes, but with three fingerpicks, you don't really need to, as alternating fingers is much quicker.

Here is a picture of a fingerpick, left, and a thumbpick, right.

You wear them with the 'nail' of the fingerpick covering your fingertip. Basically, it's like having a hard plastic fingertip. People think they are worn the other way around, which doesn't work. The picks get caught on the strings a lot, and can break the strings quite easily (and it's awfuly hard to play anything this way anyway).
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