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Ibanez TS808 Reissue
9 75%
Fuzz Pedal (maybe a ZVEX Fuzz Factory if I can get it from eBay)
3 25%
Voters: 12.
I've narrowed what kind of pedal I want for Christmas down to two options. Help me choose.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
Well if you go for the Tubescreamer, get a Maxon OD-808 instead, it's the real Tubescreamer and cheaper than the TS-808, I like it better as well.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.