Well currently i'm playing an epiphone 57 reisue les paul jr


except in sunburst. I'll be running it through a peavey valveking, marshall jcm800, or crate palamino (not sure which one i'll be getting yet)

Since i can't get both a guitar and amp i was wondering what modifications i could make that could make this guitar my workhorse. It already has grover tuners, so i'm just looking for things that could help tweak my sound. I would rather not get new electronics just because i don't like the idea of someone ripping through my guitar all that much. But pickup, bridge anything like that would help. I don't nessicarily have a price range, but i wouldn't want to make it too over the top. Thanks in advance
A new pickup might be a good idea. Other than that, I don't know... New nut maybe?