Do you believe that most people have their music tolerance set by age 20?

I'm talking about average people, not musicians. I've read many articles where it says the majority of people don't really try to find new experiences in music after age 20. I find this true for the most part of the people I've asked over 20. They might like lots of new music, but most likely it will be in the vein of what they already like. They're probably not going outta their way to find the next sound or explore different genres.

I'm mainly wondering because I'm exactly 20 right now. I don't wanna follow the crowd, since I always want to be able to find new music and broaden my likings.
It's not a law. You can go ahead and keep finding new music.
basically all of my friends are musicians, so I can't really speak about whether or not that's true for non musicians. I'm 21 and I've gained a massive amount of appreciation for jazz in the past year, and I only intend to keep going.
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Well I've already made up my mind that I wanna be still listening to new stuff when I'm 60. I just think many people stop exploring music because of social norms and nostalgic feeling for their youth more or less.
wheres the source for that stat..

my grandpa is like 70 something, maybe even 80, and he has like a million burnt cds with like every single genre u could ever think of, and he listens to it all, and likes it

so i would think that that stat is false
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I'm 16, and if that is true... i'm glad i have a liking for many different genres....

Rock, metal, folk, alt, rap, blues, funk, jazz.....
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Ahh the same pit that has a total intolerance for things not whatever. Yes most people have a mindset for the music of their youth. You define youth but TS you have hit the nail on the head.
Btw I listen to everything.
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I, for one, am still finding new stuff all the time at 25. I know what I like, but that's not restraining me.
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my dad listens to the mars volta.
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I would say that's an evolution.
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