I have an LTD H 1001 right now, its cool and all, but mahogany is sounding really bland to me lately, especially because now i'm really into shred. My friend has an old iceman made of basswood, and it sounds awesome. What are some good basswood guitars? I know satriani uses one, does anyone else?

Also are there any woods that have similar sounds?

Price doesn't really matter at the moment

thanks so much
I don't feel like looking up specifics, but if you want basswood then look at Ibanez's RGs, a ton of them are basswood.
Ibanez RGs are the definitive good basswood guitars, along with Ibanez JS and JEMs. RG also happens to be the definitive shred guitar, how handy.

Basswood is known for a somewhat flat EQ curve, meaning it doesn't empower your highs (like alder) or lows (mahogany). I find it easier to get a juicy mid-rich tone on my basswood guitars than on anything else.
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i have an ibanez jetking,and its basswood, i love it. i would try out some alder body guitars too to see if you like that. maybe some form of superstrat or something.

but yea, if your into shred, look at ibanez
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Well he actually has two iceman guitars, one is mahogany and one is basswood. IMO the basswood one sounded so much better. I dunno, I like mahogany but it is too dark sounding for the kind of shred that i like. It is perfect for almost anything else.
EBMM John Petrucci Model, Ibanez JS guitars, the JEMs that are basswood. or, for that matter, just get a Prestige RG....they're all basswood.
Prestige RG would probably be the way to go. Ibanez RG1570 with a pickup change would be a prime choice.
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