Looking to get my bro a phaser pedal for Christmas, but it needs to be less than a 100 smackers. I've personally toyed with the Boss one, but not much. What do you guys think are good in that range?
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there really is nothing wrong with any boss pedals, and you can get them pretty cheap
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there really is nothing wrong with any boss pedals, and you can get them pretty cheap

actually, i think the current boss phaser is pretty horrid. and there is a lot of stuff wrong with some boss pedals (volume drop, percieved or otherwise, in the tr-2 is an example).

for under $100 i would say the three best options are:
a used boss ph-2 (out of production, so it must be used)
a mxr phase 90 (i like this one)
an ehx small stone (lots of people like this one)

other than those 3, i dont think there are any/many good phasers under $100.
You can't get really thick and lush EVH tones with the boss but never the less it makes some great and new sounds and is overall a fun pedal.
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I have the Worm by EHX. It's very vintagey warm and lush type phase. It also has tremolo, vibrato, and Mod. Wah. I got it for Christmas last year. I believe it is $120 though. Check it out, I haven't really compared it to other phasers though.
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mxr phase 90 u cant go wrong
and IMO the EVH one is just a ripoff... its just a little less intense than the regular phase 90
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Well actually...I should recommend you to buy the DOD Stereo Phaser.But I was looking for it on the net and they weren't selling it anywere.I only found a used one on ebay.It's a great pedal anyway..
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