Please help me choose.

I'm am stuck on deciding between these two amps:

Randall RG75DG3 & RG75G3

They are both the same except one has built-in digital effects for a 50$ difference.

It's not alot of money for 16-digital effects with independent level controls...but I've often read that built-in effects are crap and are a waste of time. So if anyone has ever tried these built-in effects...please let me know if they're worth it. If not, I'd rather put that money towards some good pedals instead.

Im with moody. Get an amp that sounds sweet clean. No need for built in effects BUT if it has some sweet channals thouse are great for adding more boost after distortion. Thats what Ive decided at least. Also if you get stomp boxes or a multi processor you can controll with your feet HUGE PLUS (if you amp has channals make sure to get a foot switch)
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Well if you're looking at those Randalls, I'd save another $100 and buy a RG50TC instead. It's an actual tube amp, those two are hybrid and far inferior in sound compared to the 50TC.
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Both models come with a footswitch like this:


Also, I've considered going with the RG50TC... but I want a low maintenance amp. And I've read that Randall makes a good solid state amp as well. I play alot of metal, so I thought solid state would sound good. If you really think I'm making a mistake in choosing solid state... well you can try and convince me why.