i play everyday for about minimum of half an hour, how do i know when to change my strings on my acoustic guitar? i hate waiting till they split.
change them when they stop sounding good. I probably change mine once a month unless I'm gonna be doing alot of recording or gigging, then I change them more often.
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I played my acoustic for a 8months before changing strings. Change it when the strings start to sound dull and get out of tune often
I think theyre supposed to last around 30hrs of play, so 2 months for you.
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Agree with others. If you are playing 0.5 hr/day, they'll start sounding dull 1 mo-1-1/2 mo. Get Elixer's and they'll sound brite a lot longer although they are pricey ($13+ set). I'm lazy so I pay for the quality so I spend more time playing and less time changing strings.

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Like said, every month or two.
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