i recently perchased a bow so i can jam on my guitar
i wanted to try to get the same sound as sigur ros
unfortunately i sound nothing like them hahaha
i was wondering if you guys could tell me why?
i use my amps affects
do i need to buy pedals to achieve the sound?
thank you
What sort of amp and effects are you using?

With the bow try to use a lot of rosin and I mean a lot.

As far as effects some delay and reverb.

Edit: If it helps check out some of these vids...
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yeah my bow doesnt sound half as cool as that
im jus usin a amp affect i thinjk its flage
i donno
should buy buy a delay and reverb pedal to get the sound?
I tried it out!You need a reverb and put some overdrive or Distortion to your sound.Then very gently try playing some chords without the pick but with the bow.Or just try playing only the E string.Stills sounds amazing
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Quote by vivalives

should buy buy a delay and reverb pedal to get the sound?

You should maybe be a little less eager to acquire new gear, and more eager to learn how to properly use what you have.

Lots and lots and lots of rosin, and broad, sweeping strokes. You'll notice that if you apply the correct amount of pressure at a good angle you can make the string crunch and then 'sing' as you pull the bow off. It requires some amount of pressure into the string, but also remember to use a smooth motion across the strings as well, as if you were cutting into something...a turkey...yes. Happy thanksgiving.