So here is the dialema. My ancient strat rip off finally gave out on me (input broke...wasn't worth fixing since the guitar was like $150) and I have around $600 to spend a new one.

After heading to my local Guitar Center and playing around for a bit with different models the one that really shown through the rest in the price range was the PRS SE Custom. The tone is increadibly smooth and suits my playstyle very well (Lighter and Modern Rock with a light sprinkle of Metal)

However, as I did more research I found that PRS also makes a $600 "SE Single Cut" with a much more Les Paul like cut and finish (which I greatly perfer to the Custom stying)

Having not tried one myself does anyone know if there is a major difference in sound quality between the two? Or would I be safe getting a single cut if I liked the Custom?

Thanks a lot! =D
Yeah, he plays the two on pretty different settings there so it's hard to tell but it sounds like the singlecut has kind of a deeper sound as compaired to the Customs really smooth and crisp sound?
If you prefer the single cut then get it. If the double cut is just too easy to obtain then, well you know, grab that. Imo, PRS are NIIIICE. Even if the guitar is used, the owner(barring spoiled brats) would more likely than not have cared for it. I would definately check out Musician's friend's and American Musical Supply's websites first. I know that nothing compares to physically testing the instrument out, but if you're dissatified, you can ship it back at their expence(both these companies, in my years of dealing with them(they've put me on back-order[PRIOR to the internet] went out of their way to please me) and they will send a different instrument.
leave me alone, please.
i was extremely un impressed by the single cut it was horridly *gravely* sounding, thats the only word i can think of, it just sounded yukky lol sorry to disapoint if i do lol
Make sure you let us know what you get and how you like it. A PRS is on my short list for next guitar!
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My friend has the SE Singlecut, I was reasonably impressed, to me it was a better choice than an epi lp (even though its somewhat different), it plays nice, tone-wise however I dont really know, I'v only heard it unplugged or in to a practice cube amp, not a real nice tube.
both are awesome guitars, the singlecut will have a little bit a deeper tone due to more a little bit more wood, but they both sound awesome.
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Well, I have one (a singlecut, that is!), and at the price I think it is a great guitar. Playability wise it's not a long way off my "proper" US custom 24 PRS, and soundwise it's very good - the humbuckers are what I would describe as medium output (similar to the classic 57s on my 335, although not as bassy), with a good balance between bass and treble so that neither one overpowers the other - it's difficult to describe the sound in comparison to other famous brands signature guitars, but it's closer to a LP than a strat, if that makes any sense at all!!! I find I need to knock off the tone and volume a little way to get rid of any harshness, but that leaves a bit of headroom to whack up the volume when you hit the solos!

As with all of these things, a lot of it comes down to personal preference - if you can try them both out that would be your best bet. As I undertand it the pickups are the same on both, so I would think the sounds you can get from both are fairly similar?!?