Any fans here i didnt feel like looking to see if there was already a thread but i just popped in there 3 cds and man i cant remember y i even put these cds away i must say Travis Meeks is simply a musical genius composing all these arrangements. Simply a killer band o and Not the Same is my fav DOTN song a killer emotional track a must hear...
The most talented man on earth...
I only have their first cd, but I must admit, it is one of my favorite acoustic band cds. Great stuff.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
Days Of The New are freakin' awesome.
I love the raw sound of the first one, especially Whimsical, What's Left For Me?, Where I Stand, How Do You Know You, and Cling... those are my favorite tracks from that record.

II was still an amazing record, but I think it was a sound that he'd yet to fully develop, which he did with III. For a record that has every song flow into the next, it still feels a bit disconected and awkward... like Days Of The New going through puberty! lol! Many fantastic songs though, my favorites being Last One, Not The Same, and the first 4 tracks.

III, bottomline, is a masterpiece. Not a single bad note on the whole album.

Shame they aren't all that active anymore, we could use them for sure.
Iwas inspired by this thread to go to their MySpace, and this is what I found:

Due to recent discoveries of hacking and down loading of songs, I have removed the profile songs for awhile. I am currently working on the next record which is much different sounding than these songs. So if you have found away to get them on to a disk , Enjoy!! The next LP is planned to be released in '08. more info will be posted.
Travs S. Meeks