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Line 6 Spider Valve (1x12)
2 15%
Vox AC15CC1
11 85%
Other (Please specify)
0 0%
Voters: 13.
Alright so I was at guitar center the other day, where I plugged my Jackson RR3 into a Peavey classic 30. That was the amp I was looking into buying. It sounded, in my opinion, very dull and crappy. The guy at the store then suggested I try this "This one" and then plugged me into a Spider Valve. I was very...disappointed seeing as how Spider III's suck and I didn't want to waste my time. He started to tell me about it, and going through all the rockstar settings. He stopped at a couple and told me to try. I strummed a power chord and it sounded amazing! Warm and smooth, just what I wanted. So when I got home I checked reviews of it on GC.com and Musciansfriend. Not many reviews at all. So now I'm wondering if I should go for the Spider Valve or stick with the Vox AC15CC1 that I've been hearing about, but yet to try it.

So now I leave it to you.

Which amp is better for me? I currently play a RR3 through a Digitech RP350, then through a Fender Frontman 15G and it sounds like ****!

I want warm sounding distortion, minimal buzzing and crap sounds.

All help appriciated.
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I would highly suggest having a go at the VOX.
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I suggest you try out as many different amps as possible. So go try out the Vox AC15 if you can (I've read that it isn't as good as AC30 tho).
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Neither. Just neither.

Hard to find two amps more different. The AC15 is less than just a smaller version of the AC30. If you were serious about that amp, I'd suggest a Blues Jr or such instead. The Spider valve, I haven't played. I'm not a fan of the digital world, though. I'd never get a multi-FX pedal, and I wouldn't want one permanently fused to my amp.

I'm sorry you didn't like the Classic 30. I really do, so you may not like my choices, either. But I'd say take a look at the Traynor YCV 40. Great cleans, and a good deal of gain on tap.
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