Rosewood gives you a more mellow, bassier sound, while maple gives you a brighter sound.
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I prefer the Maple definetely. Look, feel AND sound.
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ebony, it has a naturally slick feel to it

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I tend to use rosewood and I'm very happy with it. Though, I don't own any maple guitars, so I don't really know.

And I do love ebony ^^^
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there isnt that much of a difference in sound to be honest. what ever you think looks and feels best.
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Quote by AndyMcDandy
Listen to Pride and Joy, and then listen to Lenny. ;-)

Are those both played on Lenny? I'm not too knowledgeable about SRV's different guitars.
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Well, IMO Rosewood is better for looks, because your fretboard won't be needing cleaning ever month or so (from dried up oil that rubs off your fingers). But if you don't mind cleaning it every once in a while, or washing your hands before you play everytime, then choose maple.
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Its just preference. I kinda like rosewood myself. But have guitars with both kinds. Sound is subjective when it come to the difference. I have a strat with a maple board and one with a rosewood but telling the difference is hard as one has EMG 81/85 other is stock single coils. But maple does tend to brighten things up a little. Its part of how a guitar will sound. The rosewoods are easier to replace frets in.