hi there.
I have a problem,whereby i'm usure of what key to sing in?
How will I know if a certain key is perfect for me?
Sometimes I wonder If i should sing in a higher key?
I'm a girl by the way.
Thanks for the feedback ya.
Try out a few different ways on the same song and see what yoyu think sounds best. Also, ask people what they think of a couple of different ways, and choose the most popular. Best advice I can offer as I am still only learning to sing.
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If you do covers, take the original key and pick the songs you can sing.
If you make your own songs just listen, you say you wonder if you should sing in a higher key so why don't you try that?
Just sing and listen to yourself
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well, honestly i suggest just sitting down and singing with others songs until you find your vocal range. it may sound a bit simple but thats what i did, it took me forever to realize its easier for me to sing in the B-E range(i can do any range but thats where my voice sounds best and is easiest for me) if you can sing with it on the radio/cd player then you can sing it with just your guitar (of course singing and playing isnt easy at first) just experiment and see what range is the most comfortable for you. also, just because you're a chick doesn't mean you have to sing really high (or maybe try it and see if its easier for you)

lastly, check out the only vocal/singing thread in here somewhere. endless pages of good advice