right some of you may remember me putting up god knows how many posts about amps i wanna get

After sifting through I narrowed it down to the peavey valve king (50 watt 112), the Randall RG50TC and the kustom defender

dont worry this aint another which amp thread cause ive decided on the valve king, it seems more versatile for the price range than the randall (which only seems good for metal) and the stuff I've found on the kustom defender makes no sense at all so I think the valve king is my best choice and Ill be ordering it in a couple of weeks :p

just wondering since I'm going to be using this at bedroom level volumes for a while are their any little tricks or gadgets like pedals and such I can use to cox a better, and when needed, more aggressive tone out of it at those volumes?

(p.s if some one has opinions in favor of the other amps feel free to voice em anyway)
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