It's the one on my purevolume (siggy) called Jailcell. No vocals, but there are drums and 2 solos. Recorded with a Line 6 TonePort UX2, Hydrogen drum machine, and a cherry sunburst Taylor T5 (Most beautiful guitar I've ever played BTW). Crit 4 crit when I get the time, but I'm not on too much this weekend as it's thanksgiving.

enjoy, and feel free to crit the other 3 songs if you want, but I got a started a seperate thread for them a few days ago before I uploaded Jailcell.
Sounds a bit Rhcp'ish. Got a pretty good groove to it. The tone of the guitar I think was lacking until it got into the second solo. The solos themselves are musical which I liked and overall some good playing. the drums by the way seem to follow the guitar in some parts other than that put some vocals and it could be a cool song.
Smile alot today... okay?