I'm about to try and probably get a Fireball, but what cab should I get to go along with the amp? I have a cab that I could get pretty cheap, it's the one I'm using now, as a loan until I have my own stuff. Thing is that I don't know much about this cab, nor does the owner.. It's a Marshall 412, but that's about it.. I'll try to get some more facts on it, but I don't know what I'll be able to find out.

Now to the question, do you guys (and girls) think I'd be fine using this Marshall cab with a Fireball, or should I be getting the ENGL cab that matches the amp, or something completely different? Please come with suggestions, in any reasonable prize range.

And here's another question! The specs on the ENGL site says "Speaker Outs (2 x 8, 2 x 16 Ohms)". I have searched around, trying to read up on ohmage and stuff, but I haven't quite grasped it yet... What cabs will/will I not be able to fit with the amp? What would I need to do to ruin the stuff (ie. what am I supposed not to do? :P)?

Oh! And also, why is it that important to use a speaker cable, and not the usual guitar cable between the head and cab? I've been using that for some time now, and others have to, and we haven't had any problems arise... So far. So what's the deal?
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the cab you're using now will probably be fine so long as the ohms match up.

otherwise, if you're shelling out as much cash as you are for an engl, you may as well go the extra mile and get the engl cab or better as well.
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Yeah, so I read up on ohmage and stuff after reading your reply (thanks!), so would someone be kind enough to enlighten me a bit more, as for my other question?
How much do you like the sound of the cab you have at the moment? If you like it, may as well keep it. If you decide it doesn't sound good with your new head, maybe search around for another one.
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Yeah well, this is pretty stupid.. But I haven't actually tried tried this cab out with the amp. I haven't gotten the amp yet, just tried it out, but it's on it's way.. And as I want to start playing right away, I was just thinking that I might start looking for a new cab as well as soon as possible, if need be. But well, if you say I'll do fine with my current cab, I'll go for that one for a while. It would just be a shame if I "settled" with the sound I got from that one, when I could get a way better tone from something else.. And there's the reason for this thread.

But what about the other questions?
Hey cool you live in Halmstad i lived there, But what about a Marshall 1960A cab it´s pretty popular cab here in Iceland and Alexi Laiho also use this cab? But why don't you just go and try all the cabs you can find? (with the same amount of Ohm)
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