I'm trying to write a peace that is based in an aboriginal style. I was hoping you guys would point out some tracks/tabs that could give me some ideas.

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I saw a guy play some Aboriginal songs on an acoustic guitar. Basically he used it as a very percussive instrument. One thing I noticed him do was that on the body, just below the strings the lacquer was worn away leaving the bare wood. What he'd do was thump the body then scrape his hand across the wood.
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^Australia. Aren't they the ab-orignees?

BTW, the word is 'piece', not 'peace'.

last time i checked, aborigine is a person, plant, or animal that has been in a specific region since the earliest of times.
however, if you want australian look into two things, a) get a didjeridu (i have no idea how to spell it haha) or what similar to a juice harp, not sure what they call it.
also in traditional australian aboriginal music, the music is based on a drone. the drone is a constant note that is played throughout the peice, it is almost always the tonic. now the melody is almost always tonal, and modal. often it will deviate from the drone by a half step before resolving back to the tonic.