Alright. I've only played on stage once or twice, and that was on guitar. Apparently I was considered a bit boring because I wasn't doing all the jumping around that everyone else was doing. I'm, I guess you could say, very reserved or laid back.

Well, I figured it could slide for a guitarist, but soon I'm going to be singing lead, and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm not a very social person either(some would call me anti-social) so I don't know how I would talk with the crowd as well. So, I'm a bit stuck. I don't want to be boring, but I don't want to be running and jumping up and down on stage, either.

Any advice?
I can relate to that, bro. The only difference is I play bass, so I can just bob my head up and down and get away with it .

As for you though, you play guitar and sing lead vocals. Hmm...what I would do is just move your body around a lot, however you don't need to run across the stage or jump up and down or do any of that. Just play your guitar with enthusiasm and put some feeling into your vocals, you should be fine.

If you're still stuck though, go on youtube or something and watch live performances of your favorite bands and see what those frontmen do. That way, you can get a general idea of what would be expected of you.

Good luck man, and if you need any more help, feel free to send me a message
I'm a lot like that too, I'm a very laid back, reserved person and have ended up fronting bands several times, I hate it. Let me play guitar, someone else can have the spotlight...

But if I have to do it, I have to psyche myself up for it, and get out there and rock. I'm a real stickler about no dead time between songs, I try to always get 3 or 4 songs out with no more than 10 seconds between. Time enough to say "Thank you" if anything, and count off the next song. after 3 or 4, ask the crowd if everyone is having a good time, or can you hear us in the back. when I do that I usually joke with them and say we can turn it up and grin...Find someone you know, preferably someone obviously well over legal drinking age and ask them what are you doing here? You're too young to be here!...

Try to have fun and a sense of humor, you don't need to be a comedian, or a talk show host, but it is necessary to talk to the audience a little. Introduce the band halfway through the night. I always avoid letting people tie me up between songs asking for songs they want to hear, the audience is waiting, and getting really bored. Tell them write it on a napkin and count off the next song before someone else gets a chance.

I also like to use "stage props" like crazy hats, huge sunglasses, I have my vocal mic inside a rubber fish, whatever I can think of. Here's one of my crazy hats, it's a cap with fake pink hair attached to the back with velcro. I htink I grabbed it up for a good ZZ Top song. http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff58/paleopete/tele_3.jpg

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Think up some quick, CLEAN jokes. One or two liners, quick and simple, and keep it clean, ladies are present who won't appreciate off color comments, even if they do drink. Also avoid foul language, racial, homosexual, political or religious comments. Definitely avoid insults.

Why is is you tell people there are a billion stars in the galaxy they believe you, but if you put up a sign that says WET PAINT they have to touch it to see?

Things like that are quick, funny and clean and work well.

Find someone you know in the audience and make a comment toward them. Nice outfit...to the strangest looking getup you've seen all night, that kind of thing.

Mostly, just relax and try to get the audience into the show.

As far as moving around, I don't move a lot, but I do bounce with the beat on a good rocker, walk over to the bass or keyboard player and rock out with them, put my foot on a monitor and play a good solo, make faces occasionally, and if we're really rocking out I might even jump up and down a couple of times while it's really going good and has lots of energy.

Above all, play your very best every time.
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Here is some advice from a guy who has played 500+ shows:

You will get into your groove. It takes time. No matter how bad you want to be out there, it is ALWAYS a little awkward/uncomfortable at first, and at other points in your career. Just do what your idols do onstage, until you get your own thang down. JUST REMEMBER: Do SOMETHING. Don't just stand there and not talk, you will look horrible and make people not like your band. Seriously.