Hello UG

Can someone please explain to me what this does, like does it make pc recording sound...half decent, even if you have a crappy soundscard (which i have) cause i really want to record things and ive been told this is good, so if people could give me the details, id be thankful

^It comes with a Preamp/setting software so you can get distortion sounds and amp modellings from it. It goes directly into your USB so soundcard doesnt inflict bad quality i think. It has all kinds of effects for vocals,bass,guitar. Its pretty handy yes. You can also plug a amp into it as "monitor" when you record.
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It's a great piece of kit, you can plug it in via USB to your computer and plug your guitar into the toneport. It comes with software so you can get pretty much whatever amp quality you want, at a pretty good level of tone etc. Just press record on the software you use to record (eg. Audacity - free download off the internet), get the amp settings you want and record. It's pretty good.