I've taken a recent interest in cigar box guitars and really want to make one (well actually I have one half built). Everything could be finished except I dont't have any spare tuner pegs and would much rather avoid buying any because that means I would have to wait until tomorow...which I don't want to.

So I'm looking for suggestions to make tuner pegs. I was thinking something along the line of using bolts and washers or something...I'm not really sure.

I'm planning on a 4 string guitar using the B,G,D and A strings. I won't be plugging this one into an amp or anything, it's basically a test run.
Well I mean how would the strings attach to them?

Won't the strings snap if they get between the threads on the bolt and wing nut?

I know I could pinch the strings between a washer and bolt but won't the string get cut after I turn it so much?

I thought about an eye bolt but I don't thing guitar strings hold knots very well...
I ended up using eye bolts which works out quite nicely actually. The guitar came out decent for not following any certain instructions and not buying a single part for it. Hopefully my next one will be better.