I need to get a good guitar. Because my last one is just a beginner and im looking for something better. I have up to 300bucks to spend. Im looking for something that has really good distortion and has good sustain. So far I've been looking at these guitars.






Im mainly leaning towards the Dean Z cause I've had good experiences with Deans.
So, anyone have any suggestions for me?
Save up some more and get an Ibanez RG350/370.
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thats quite an interesting mix of choices. Ive only heard bad thigns about the GRG series ibanez, and im not a fan of squire jags. they seem low quality pups, high action, etc. And if you are leaning towards dean i dont think a jag will cut it. Ive played low end Gibson SG's and i was very disappointed with their feel and quality. The epiphone ones ive played have been nice but im not sure ive tried that specific model. i cant say anything about the deans really, not enough experience. they will deliver the high gains you are looking for tho
Of those guitars I would choose the Epiphone G-400. I bought one of those witha tremolo for my first guitar after my beginner and I loved it. However, if you saved up a little more, there are some decent Ibanez guitars you would probably be happier with.

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Just so's you know, distortion comes from your AMP...not the guitar, it might be better if you looked at upgrading that instead.
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none of them , save up for like 600 bucks and get the razorback deans which is on sale on musicanfriend .