I'm after a new axe for xmas. I've already had my eye on a couple of schecters and Ibanez. See who can find me the best for the money, i play metal mainly, i'm open to any suggestions as long as it isn't a squier/fender.
how much is that in us dollars again? about $350?

anyway, the RG321 looks to be good.

definitely under your budget so you've got some to spare. i wouldn't go for a floating trem in your price range.
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where in the UK do you live?

Ilkeston near Derby's premier music store, Zebra Musik, where i work, has a lovely Maverick in thats £260, sadly, its pink.

We have several other Hamers in at around £250.

Come down
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Sry Derby's about 100 miles away, i don't have a car or **** This will probably be an online purchase.
I like the SCHECTER OMEN 6 EXTREME BCH out of those 3
Well which one do you guys think will suit my needs best?

RG321 EX with EMG "designed" pickups

Or SChecter Omen 6 extreme.

Please help me decide.