I thought it would be fun to talk about guitar cases for a little while.

Usually I just stroll down the road with my guitars, or a short trip in the car, so I don't need top level protection or anything. I've got one of Musicians Friend's hardshell dreadnought cases, and it does a great job for the price I got it for. I could use another one though, wondering how the Epiphone ones are...I've got an Epi that doesn't fit the case I have as well as my Yamaha does, and I just ordered one of their semi-hollows with a case, so if it's nice I might pick up one of their dreadnought ones.

I see they have a sale on those older SKB ones too, has anyone got one of those?
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heh. I need to buy a case myself. This the wrong forum btw..check out the guitar gear and accessories forum.
BUt, there are different types of cases......

I personally know nothing about cases. I usually just get the one that the manufacturer gives with the guitar.

My Current favorite case has feaux fur on the inside, Is carved on the leather top, and has a hand woven leather handle. Love me some high priced cases! $200 later and I have a case that will last me the rest of my life and will fit all of my guitars electric or acoustic. The guy that made it for me gave me these pads or whatever I could put in to hold my electric in place.
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I love the cases that come with seagulls, they're ultra light.
I went to see one and the salesman threw it at me from across the room with a smile on his face.
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