Punk is the main genre that I play but I do aspire to take Jazz lessons some day, but for that I will probably get a new guitar and amp later on in life.

I have a Gibson Melody Maker (Discontinued P-90 Version) and I will be getting a Danelectro Dano Pro pretty soon.
i have a good question. will a standard marshall pedal with channel switching and reverb switch work for a Marshall Artist 3203?
I dont know much about the artist. Is it a tube?
Well, if they're SS, Marshall is notorious for having sub-par SS amps.
Get a tube combo instead.
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Its a hybrid. Different from the Valvestates. Valvestates have a Tube Preamp and an SS Poweramp. Its the other way around for this amp.
well i havnt had much expieriance with the artist, but i did use an AVT in 04 when i was touring, i needed an amp that sounded good but diddnt care if it got stolen, and the avt is overpriced new but it can easily achieve some great tones if you take the time to eq it, the acoustic simulator and built in effects arent great but it can do punk infact i sold mine to the singer/guitarist of a punk band
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Nver tried the artist, but the AVT is overpriced, and sounds like crap. You can do way better in that price range, doesn't have to be Marshall. If you like that marshall tone go for a used JCM800 or something.