Just a heads-up to anyone thinking about buying from this site; their promises are empty.

They offer a money back guarantee if you're dissatisfied but just try it - HA!

And PayPal backs them up. Their email address is fully bogus as your email will run into a cyber brick wall.

So a word of caution if anyone falls for their righteously false advertising!!!
Quote by SublimeGuitar

well they say it lets you "lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks and iron board abs using the secret techniques described in the software"

that sounds pretty amazing

lmao! I had never seen that site before...thanks for lightening my day. As you all know it's Thanksgiving in the States, need something to laugh about, been with family all day . He he he...

Hey SublimeGuitar Thanks for the link to Uncyclopedia. The 29 bucks I spent on that bull**** program has finally paid off.

Are you saying you didn't get an actual fretboard learning program, or that it didn't help you learn the fretboard?

Cause I got Fret2Fret, and it helped me learn the fretboard?