As it says above i cant decide, i want to get one or the other at guitar center tommarro. im sort of leaning toward the Vox b/c i wont have to buy all the effects and pedals, but also i heard that the VJ has great tone. I play blues to classic rock to some heavy metal and i cant decide which one, Help
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vox. VJ is good but youd spend a fortune on all the effects to get the sound you want.
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With the LP, youre gonna get a decent tone from the vox, but like you said, it comes with the effects. If you know FOR SURE you dont want to buy pedals, go with vox. other than that, the VJ has such a good tone, but if gonna have money for pedals in a couple months, get the VJ
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It would be a little loud for bedroom practice, if you're trying to get the same kinda tone out of it at low volumes, but at a quiet level, your MG should do you fine.
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VJ. It is the better quality amp.
The effects arent too amazing on a vox, and you could always just buy more pedals anyway.