I recently got a Fender Stratocaster that was made in Japan, in the '84-'87 year bracket. Pickups are HSS.

And uh, I can't get it to work when plugged into the amp.

Checked the wiring, and it's obviously a bit effed up, I've searched all-over, including this site, and I'm out of ideas as to why it won't work, can anyone help me out?
Is there any sound/noise/anything when it's plugged in?

If the wiring's a bit effed up, you should probably gut it and start from scratch. Wiring a strat from the ground up isn't impossibble if you've never done it, but with a good diagram, a few hours, and paitence, you can do it.

How the hell do you spell paitence?
Patience? You got it close enough I think.

And actually, no, no sound at all. It worked when I was first playin', but I tightened up the volume and tone knobs, (being my ocd self), and it wouldn't put out any sound after that.

I was thinking about just startin' from the ground up, I'd need to go buy some fresh wiring and such wouldn't I?

Edit: If it isn't obvious, I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to the mechanics of electric guitar.
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Yup. Do you do much sautering? You'll need sauter, an iron, spare wire, some wire cutters, and needle nose pliers. A de-solderig bulb would help too. Un-screw the pickguard, and post some pics of what's down there.
If only I had a camera. >_>

That's the thing, it's not like a normal Stratocaster where all the wiring and such is underneath the pickguard, my Strat' has no pickguard.

All the wiring is underneath a panel you unscrew on the back, quite unique if you ask me.
Fairly unique for a Strat, but common on many other guitars. Can you tell me your pickup/knob/switch compliment? How many of what type, and each?
Bottom pick-up is a humbucker, and the other two are single Dunlop Performers.

One volume and one tone knobs, and three switches of which I have no idea are called. I can tell you that the top two only have two selector options, the bottom switch is a triple selector.
well, have your knobs all the way up, you have 20 configs of the switch to play with till you get a sound?
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No disrespect, but I've already tried that man.

Looks like the only option is to "gut it" as the.spine.surfs so wonderfully put it. Haha.
Nahhh, I can do it.

Any kinda of specific wiring I need? I mean, the dude who had it before me has all differents kinds wire, including gauge differences.
Thanks dude, I haven't been able to find one.

Not even at Fender's website. >_>
That's kind crazy. i usually use that link for most of my diagram needs, unless I can find one for the specific model I'm working on.
I don't blame ya. It's a very well put together website.

Awesome find, I have to say.