ok can some one give me the low down on the C-1 Classic.
Ive heard that it has poor wiring on the tone pot which will make it drop of instantly from bright to muffed with no in between and that it can get quite a bit of fret buzz.

other then that its seems everything else is positive (like the smooth sound of the pickups and the pickups themselve even).
can the tone pot just be solved by re wiring it with better pots?

if the C-1 isnt good enough what other schecter would you prefer or a guitar in the price range at least..

thanks, id like the good and the bad, at least from owners of them.
I've never heard of this poor wiring issue.. I've played many C-1 Classics that sounded amazing..

For that price range the Classic is a great guitar.. well worth the money.
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I've heard of some c-1 plus's that dropped drastically in volume for a few seconds then came back, idk about the classics though.
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I have a C-1 Elite, and the tone pot is quite like that. It seems they use linear tone pots, as opposed to logarithmic or audio taper. Thus, the tone knob is near max until the end of the rotation, where it drops off drastically.
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I have the C1 Classic to...still playing with the selector switch setting using various tones from Guitar Rig 3....no problems found yet
My C1 classic works like a charm...no such issues. Its a damn good guitar, especially for the money.
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My experience from carefully trying one out at GC (half hour) is that it is a great guitar. Good, fast neck and decent pickups, fine quality. Have heard nothing negative. I would be suspicious of any cheap gold hardware, as even expensive guitars wear through eventually.
yes, the gold paint was fading on my bridge and pickups when I switched them out. I don't think of it as a bad thing though, it kind of gives the guitar character. It shows you play it a lot.
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The classic is kind of top of the range with Schecter, only neck through guitar. I absolutely adore mine but its not perfect and the main problem is the tone knob.
Everything about the Classic is great. Inlays are the killer part though, and the Sunburst pattern with the gold hardware just accents it. If you have an extra $100 get the Hellraiser FR though. As good as the Classic is, my Hellraiser destroys it hands down. But, if you don't care for the FR on it, the Hellraiser with a fixed bridge is actually $50 less than the classic.
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Yeah, the gold on mine has almost completely tarnished and it's less than a year. I guess it's just how much you play it, though.
stevo can you post a pic of it with the gold tarnished, itd be appricaited....

just want to see what it looks like.