quick question.
Every time I restring my acoustic, the low E string peg (white peg) doesn't go in all the way to the bridge, and sticks out very slightly. It is not in all the way, like all the other ones are.
Does anyone know whats the problem here?
thanks for any input
I dunno about you, but my pegs are supposed to be all eh same size. They are not, and in certain holes, some fit and some stick out farther. It doesnt effect my sound.
Does it stick out that way without a string in place? If it does, you might sand down the sides of the peg until it fits all the way in but snug. Do a little at a time and keep checking it.

If it doesn't stick out without a string in place your bridge plate/top wood under bridge may be worn causing the string end to jam up between the pin and the wood.