if you mean run a cube 60 thru a cab, then yes, the models ive seen had a speaker out.

should say in the amps description.

from MF...
Multiple outputs, including Recording/Phones Out, Line Out, Tuner Out and Ext Speaker Out (for connecting external cabinets).

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WAIT. another question. if i ran it through, would i hear both? or just the cab?
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WAIT. another question. if i ran it through, would i hear both? or just the cab?

Technically you don't hear the cab, you hear the sound of the amp through the cab. If you run the Cube into an external cab then it might bypass the internal speaker, I'm not sure.

Don't be fooled into thinking that you'll get 100 watts of power if you plug it into a 100 watt cab though...it doesn't work like that.
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I have a Roland Cube 60 and added a Crate 112 cab to it and the results are amazing. Both the amp and the speaker cab create sound. I don't know if it is any louder, but the quality of the sound is much fuller and more vibrant. You can't really go wrong with a cab added. The floor in the house actually vibrates with sound at not even half volume with the cab added.