Hey...Im thinking about buying a double locking floyd rose for my Dean Vendetta. Does anyone know how much it would cost to install, preferably at guitar center? Also, the guy who I asked said that it might screw with the tone. Do you think I should get a floyd rose or a digitech whammy pedal?
the whammy pedal is nothing like a floyd rose. the pedal just makes it 1 or 2 octaves higher or lower depending on the setting. i would get a floyd rose because i have a couple of guitars with the floyd and i just really love it. no idea how much it would cost at guitar center, i don't go there too often. i go to musicians friend.....way better.
im getting the digitech whammy for christmas, i personaly don't think a floyd rose is worth all the extra trouble. plus, the digitech whammy 1 comes with a bunch of extra features, such as downtuning, detuning, and octave features
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Both have their advantages and dis-advantages.

But it seems that a whammy can do almost all the things that a Floyd can do ithout any loss in tuning stability.
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You should just save your money and buy more important stuff.
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Unless you're gonna incorporate a whammy bar into a lot of stuff you play, it's not really worth it.
You want to put a FR into a vendetta?

lol. for that money save and get a new guitar.

But yeah, the pedal. It will be usable on guitars that arent a vendetta in the future.
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