The gnx3k is 145 dollars cheaper than the gt-8 at guitar center. They seem pretty similar to me. I have heard the gt-8 is more flexible. Is this the only difference? what make the gt-8 those 145 dollars better? which one, in your opinion is better and why?? please respond, thank you.

i am trying them both out tomorrow at guitar center. I have tried the gt-8 before and it seems awesome, not that hard to use in my opinion. Please give me things that will help me make my decision. Something that i may not be able to see or notice in the 20 or so minutes i test them out. once again, THANKS!
I have a GT-8 and love it. Boss makes world class effects and in general quality constructed equipment. I compared the GT-8 to the POD / Toneworks effect setups and decided on the Boss.


-Well-made rugged design
-Boss Effects are awesome
-Flexible, many options to choose from (sometimes too many)


-Noise gate really sucks
-No software editing package to easily create your own patches

Play them all and decide what works for your needs. One attracive feature was that you can just disable the preamp / modeling BS to just use it as an effects pedal. So if you have a kick ass tube amp, you can still take advantage of the pedal.

Hope it help.
get the gnx bro i regret buying pod
gnx so versitile i love it i cant finish learn about it the pod sucks cause u got to pay for the best amp models