I have to write a song for my music class and I decided to do a slow acoustic piece.
It's about half done and im unsure about the direction it should head in, does anyone have an idea of where it should go from here?
C4C if anybody wants some
Music song thing.zip
Come on Skeeter, he don't mean no harm
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It's really nice, very relaxing, and the harmonies here and there sound great. The last bar is cool too, its that supposed to be for the chorus? I would go well like a chorus Imo.

to finish it, just come up with more ideas and see what happens, take into consideration that the song is slow, therefore you cant keep repeating the bars, otherwise it will get boring.

PS. Thanks for critting my song
I tweaked it a little, hope that's alright.

Not really sure what direction you wanted to go in with it, I tried to keep up with the overall feel of it.
Music song thing.zip
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Thanks Case, I liked the tweak with the intro riff and the direction after the chorus how it sped up, it makes for a good song
Come on Skeeter, he don't mean no harm
I recently got Guitar Pro and as soon as i could figure it out, i decided to put this song into it, i changed a few of the riffs, and put in some drums, the 'Overdrive" guitar is not meant to be playing notes, its more of the feedback noise and made a better verse, i am yet to put in the chorus and as before, are unsure of where to go from here.
GP4, Song For Music.zip
Come on Skeeter, he don't mean no harm
Looks Like Fade To Black :P other then that cool :P for an intro
well as for where you should go
make like a hard hitting verse using the overdriven guitar, then go back to acoustic for the chorus [keep it simple there] so on and so forth

-compostition work

-speed a little
-mix, dont put bass so high unles everything else is equally balanced

-its not finished

so far
8/10 i like it
finish it up