So I've been thinkin' bout getting a new amp for Christmas for my Les Paul, and I originally had my mind set on a Fender blues junior. Now I want to definitely want to get the best bang for my buck, and while I was looking I came across two Peavey amps. One was the Classic 30 and the other was the Valve King 112. Both of these are incredibly nicely priced, especially the VK, since it's a 50 watt all tube for $450, or even less used.

I had done some reviews on the Blues Junior, and a lot of people loved the cleans, but were meh on the overdrive. Plus it's a 15 watt, which people complained it sounding boxy, and it won't go terribly well as far as larger gigs go.

Out of the 3, I want something that will last me a good while, something that gets great cleans, yet can do the overdrive well. I'm not looking for metal at all. I primarily play blues, with rock here and there. If anyone has had experience with these amps, I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.
Hot Rod has great cleans and the OD seemed alright however I keep hearing bad things about about.

The Valveking never played one, they seemed to be liked and disliked on here however I have heard they are not the best built can't say anything from personal experiance about it though. So don't take my word on that.

The Classic 30, played a used one a couple times in the store and it was amazing. Nice cleans not Fendery a bit darker it seemed and it sounded pretty good. Also a pretty good drive, better than the Hot Rod drive.

I say go with the Classic 30, nice cleans and nice OD and it comes in tweed.
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The classic.
Much more usable overdrive tones than the fender, and basically the classic is a more classic voiced, but all around better valveking. But... the valveking is a fine amp too!
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^ pretty much what they said. Classic 30 FTW!

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Has anyone had any experience with the Valve King? I think I've narrowed it down to the Classic 30 and the Valve King.
well from what ive heard, the VK is good with a speaker/tube swap

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I love mine. Plenty of power, good modern distortion, good cleans. Have had no problems after one year, and I crank it at least twice a week and move it in the back seat of my car.
I haven't tried the Hotrod, but between the Classic and the VK, the classic owns it completely- there's just no...dynamics in the VK and the Classic's actual voicing sounds far superior to the VK.
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Well I have a Hot Rod and love it for everything.

The exceptional clean channel means it responds well to pedals and varied styles.

I tried many more expensive amps, kept coming back to the Hot Rod Deluxe.
Classic 30 or Crate Palomino V32.
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I love my valveking...its the best bang for your buck you can find
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Yeah, you can get a used HRD for about 400 and it's a great amp.
The overdrive on it is ok, but the clean channel is amazing and it takes pedals well.
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i had the same question when I was purchasing my amp 3 weeks back. I decided on the classic 30. I did try both of them both with my guitar, and found out that I really prefered the cleans of the classic. Either way your buying a great amp, but I really wanted to focus on my cleans, and get my overdrive with pedals. Take your own guitar out there and just see for yourself.
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Yeah, you can get a used HRD for about 400 and it's a great amp.
The overdrive on it is ok, but the clean channel is amazing and it takes pedals well.

This is my take. If cleans are your absolute priority, I think the Fender is the way to go. The Hot Rod and a quality OD pedal is a quality rig.

That said, I play a lot of classic rock and blues, too, and cleans are pretty important to me. When it came time for me to decide on an amp in this class, I went with the Classic 30. I'm very happy with it. I never even considered the Valveking. I feel it's voiced a little modern for what I like, and that it's not particularly responsive.
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I would go with the HRD for a few reasons. Number one, it is a nice clean amp that sounds amazing clean as mentioned. Number 2, I felt its EQ and controls had a lot of range to it. Number 3, I trust Mexicans (marginally) more than I trust Chinese when it comes to building amps. As for tone, its all subjective, but I preferred the HRD of the three. The only issue is I think the OD is a bit harsher and feels more abrupt then the Peavey's. I would avoid the ValveKing, as I feel its a bit too modern voiced to do blues or classic rock as well as the Peavey Classic or HRD. The Classic wasn't bad, but its controls felt a bit numb to me, and it just didn't leave much of an impression on me.
Well originally i was going to get a Fender Blues Junior; I just put the hot rod in the title because the BJ is part of the Hot Rod series. But is the Hot Rod Deluxe what you guys are talking about? If so, how is that amp in your guys experience?
Yeah avoid the VK if you're playing blues. Completely.

The classic 30 is a really nice amp. I think the overdrive is too marshally for my tastes, but i can see that being a good thing for most people.

I personally have a thing for fender amps, and i think that the blues junior delivers very well. Fantastic cleans, and the overdrive is really great for blues, especially when paired with a great OD pedal.

Try em. Its really a matter of personal taste here.
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