Lincoln Leaving

I'm not the pale blue eyes
That will keep you guessing till I die
Though it wouldn't hurt to be

and as long as I stared at you
I couldn't correctly guess the hue
of what was staring back at me

Because I haven't made eye contact
since the first day that we met
for fear of seeing what you thought
you saw while waiting to get caught

So soon I'll shut my eyes
at least for now on the inside
before you get a peek at me
being who I'm not supposed to be

Though now it's late at night
and I can't sleep because you're right
about nearly everything you said
before we chose our seperate beds

You've cracked my dryest skin
after the moisture had set in
keeping my vital parts alive
inside my favorite place to hide

Die Cast Car

The palace of our fears
The place we hold most dear
It's taken every single year

Every morning I wake up
I think I've comprimised my luck

All we've known is what we are
at least until they've called us stars
Then everything we do for them is cash

we're no better than before
but now they want us even more

And when this all has ceased
with our shadows to the East
there's no taking back what we have done

Oh but god did we have fun
for now we're still calling it fun
with sparkling eyes and blazing guns
and timid hearts still poised to run
Last edited by stringmagician at Nov 23, 2007,
my issue with this piece is that it's too vague and jumps around between images incessantly. it doesn't let anything settle into my mind