Well, I've always wanted a telescope, and I was wondering if someone with more experience than I do in this area of activities can suggest a decent telescope. This is my first telescope.

yeah, yeah, I know...square. EDIT: Hey, if it's possible that I can actually build it, let me know! Like a kit or something.
Well,Im not very experienced on telescopes as i never had them.However,I do enjoy space stuff.So if you want to you can message me on here or on AIM.We can chat about space.
well my friends dad has one, its awesome i was around his house looking at the ISS joining with another space thing:P
Im not sure, but its about 20 years old and cost him around £500, so now they would be around £200? Im not sure, but my view is, the bigger the better!
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Yup... Im into that stuff. Actualy got into astrophotography too. The basic scope, a good starter would probably be a newtonian reflector in alt-azumith, such as a dobsonian telescope. Probably 6 or 8 inches. What do your skies look like and can you shove the thing in your car to get away from the city?

You can PM me for more info if you wish
where do you livee? cos if your in like an uber big city w/ lots of light n such, it will effect what telescope you get greatly.
I live in a city of 1 million people: San Jose, California. Pretty moderate light pollution here.
Newtonian reflector in alt-azumith, dobsonian, huh? Sounds sexy. thanks. Plus, I know a good spot on the hills where I can get away from the light.