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Im just wondering, what age did you all start playing guitar or any other instruments you play? Im 17 and i have been playing Electric guitar for about 3 months now. I feel like I am pretty old to JUST start playing guitar when a lot of people i know and even a lot of my idols started at quite a young age. I suppose its never too late to start playing an instrument. Look at Chris Adler, he started playing the drums at age 22 was it?
14. I don't think that I started late because all the people who I have met who started playing at <8 totally suck donkey penis.
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When I was about 12 I think I'll have 3 years this december.
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i played shortly when i was 13, didn't realy learn much.

Officially i started at 15... im 16 3 days ago.
Tom Morello started when he was 16, if im not mistaken

i started when i was 17 3 years ago, so depending on how committed you are, what age you started at shouldnt be of great importance
Age 8. I'm now 17.

Edit: Even though I've only been really committed for about 4 years or so, the previous 5 years of just playing simple songs and noodling really helped my ear.
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Yeah, I suppose the early to mis teens is the most common age. I think im setting the bar to high for myself. Im really into music and would like to make it a bigger part of my life but I still suck with only about 3 months experience. I can only play 3 songs pretty well, Kryptonite by Three Doors Down, Hey There Delilah and All Apologies
i started at 12.
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This year! So 14.
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started guitar at 13 then quit after 2 years, played bass starting at 20 for 4 years then started guitar again going 1 year again. But I am just a rhythm guitarist/singer so I don't practice technical stuff really.

oh, age is not that important- John Lennon was 23 years old when the Beatles got noticed. So by todays standard thats old. Wolfmothers guitarist started at age 26 I think. Kurt Cobain was almost 24 when Nevermind came out. In terms of age, you usually have to be early 20's to get any recognition, but of course that isnt always true. Silverchairs members were 16 when they got noticed.
I started a little less than a year ago now, I was 14. But I play like 3 hours a day (at least), and a lot of my friends say I'm good (to be fair, most of them are pop punk fags who think anything where your hands move more than once a bar you're good).
I started when I was 12. I'm 23 now.
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beginning of this year... i feel like a noob
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beginning of this year... i feel like a noob

High five!
Started bass at 15, noodling on guitar about 16, and guitar properly about 18.

I'm 21 now
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i started at 15, im 16 now, ill have 2 yrs of playin under my belst in feb nxt yr

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piano - 8 then i quit after a year
guitar - 13
piano again- 15
singing - 15.5
harmonica - 16
and im 16.5 no
and i gonna try and learn the ocarina its like an ancient flute looks cool
started gettin guitar lessons at 7 but they were crap and only started getting good when i moved school when i was like 11, now i'm 14 and i'm always pracitising, i can't get off it...
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Guitar is a complicated one, I started playing at about 10, but my mum told me I was sh*t, so I quit and started again at 16.
2 years of guitar...good times. I got told I would never be able to play, I DID IT THOUGH! FINALLY!

Yes, i'm still bitter.
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I started playing at about 10, but my mum told me I was sh*t, so I quit and started again at 16.

that's heaps b!tchy when ur that young hey, especially from a parent
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Started at 12 and am 15. I still suck

same here . started at 12 and 15 soon 16 and i still suck
im 17 playing off n on for a couple of months and completely suck, now its summer i hope to improve a bit!!
started when 11 thats 2 years but only 1 year of playing seriously(4+hours practice a day)

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just before i was 14. 15 now, so 1 1/2 years i guess.
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Started bass at late 18. Kinda late to be starting but whatever, its fun

Yeah ditto man, i was late 18 when i picked up my first bass. that was a year and a bit ago now....but dam straight it is fun!
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