Ok, I saw one of these for sale for a good deal, and I was wondering if they were any good.

Its a Jackson Kelly from the Performer line. Apparently they had decent trems as well.

I am playing Metal with it, and I might just buy a tremol-no for it, so I can have maximum tuning stability.

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do you mean your on a psp on the internet and your wanting advise on buying a Jackson kelly
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What the hells a Jackson kelly 'performer'. i've never heard that. Theres KE1 KE2 KE3 etc but i've never heard of a performer?
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Performer were Jacksons mid range guitars from the early 90's, the modern day equivalent is the Pro series.

I'm not sure if they are as good as todays Pro series as the LFR's used to be pretty weak and the p'ups were either Jackson's own or Duncan Designed.

Still, It should be a solid guitar that can improved greatly by dropping some new pickups in...
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do you mean your on a psp on the internet and your wanting advise on buying a Jackson kelly


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Jackson Performers were crap, sorry. They were the replacement for the Charvettes and below the pro series. Crappy pickups, horrible trems, and baseball bat necks. I would compare them now to the X/JS series due to the really bad trems, hardware, and pickups, and poplar body wood, which often was coated with a particleboard-like layer of grain filler. New hardware and a new neck and new pickups make it worth it, but by then you could have a used Jackson KE3. I would say $150 is a fair price, maybe $200 if its in really good shape.

EDIT: Btw most were made in Indonesia, though a few early ones were Made in Japan. The MIJ ones have the 7 digit serial number, while the others have 9 digit serials.