Instead of buying a new guitar, I'll just soup up my Epi LP. It's Left handed, flametop cherryburst. Can anyone make a few suggestions as to how to make it sound really good? It still has crap stock pickups and it has Grover tuning heads, and...uhhh...yeah....any advice on a guitar makeover is helpful, thanks
new pickups
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I'd seriously advise a swap pf pickups - I'm currently in the process of saving up for a pair of Duncan Alcino pro II's. The grover tuners are solid, worth keeping them. juyst get rid of the epi-buckers (may be gibson designed, but through experience with mine, they're nothing compared to the real thing). What's your main style of music that ya play? No point in getting a pair of Dime-buckers for the blues or Country, is there...
( although I'd like to see it attempted now)
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Would a change of pickups make that much of a difference, if he didnt change his amp?

Im looking to do the same thing really.
if u want some nice verstile cheap pickups id recommend the seymour duncan hot rodded pickup set for like 130 usd
alright, and do they come as a set, or individually sold? the seymour duncans that is. oh and I heard that strap locks are good too
yeah, les pauls fall to the floor a lot for tbe shape (well, in my case they do) so get straplocks and new pups.

have you considered a di marzio pickups too? check them, maybe a super dist/paf pro set might be of your like
what music do you play? if you play metal, i dont reccomend the alnico II pro, as they are not hot enough, but maybe a jb/59 will do well.

What about the re-issued dirty finger bridge only. Was thinking about puting one in my epi but need to make an amp choice first. Practice amp pissin me off.