Poll: How many of you use the tone knob(s) on your guitar
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View poll results: How many of you use the tone knob(s) on your guitar
Yes, all the time or at least once in a while.
120 74%
No, I always wondered what that knob was for.
43 26%
Voters: 163.
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How many of you use the tone knob(s) on your guitars?
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never, sounds far too flat when i do. There must be a trick to getting it right
Meh, not as much as I want to, I only use the tone on my strat bridge PUP
I keep it so that the neck pickup is at 1, and the bridge pickup is at 10.
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I use the tone knobs all the time, I used to never use them when I first started playing, but then as I started getting more into modelling my sound, then I found them as a necessity.
I only use mine when I roll back my volume knob to get a kind of dirty clean sound. Since I keep it at about 7 or 8 I turn the volume knob back up a little bit so that it doesn't sound too bassy.
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as i have become less of a noob and because i have become rather picky about my tone, i have started making use of my tone knob. not to large amounts yet because my squier and my jetking have weak/broken tone knobs
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no i dont use it, my guitar knobs are always up, i use my amp to get my tone
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i tend to only use mines when am playin sweet child o mine or anythin clean.
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I use them all the time.
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they sound no different on my very cheap guitar so i just play with them when im bored and can play anyway..i think they are just knobs that do nothing tho lol

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Yes, I use it quite often.
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I keep my tone knob half way
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funny this thread has popped up because, i have just started using a lot over the last few weeks,...amazing how many different tones come from one guitar, as well as the volume as well....on my ibby rolling back the volume gives so many different crunchy sounds, combining both tone and vol.
I have my tone knob all the way up for both my Bridge and Neck pickup.
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Not when I have distortion (cause it doesn't matter that much), but on clean just the slightest touch will change the sound completely, so I'll adjust it when I'm playing clean channels.
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i dont use any knobs actively on my guitar really...i used the volume to roll off some gain occasionally, but my pots are REALLY scratchy so i just leave em alone
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I never use it. if I want more bass and less treble I just switch pickups
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Sometimes I'll put them to 8 or something but I use my amp mostly for my tone, and my pickups, so like... when I got a tone I'm happy with on my amp my tone knobs don't really get touched.
Interestingly today the tone knob came in play a lot, as Devil In Jersey City sounds right with the tone rolled down a bit (as it's high gain and there are some barre chordy bits that need the tone down) and the drummer started about 4 times when I was making sure my guitar was set right and she said "you were in the playing position" as she isnt into changing her tone (guitarist also) she has no concept of the tone knob. Just goes to show that you need an ear for good tone to understand the difference, I remember when I just started I barely noticed the difference between pickups, let alone tone levels
yeah i use it alot on my strat. especially clean. i use my volumes a heck of a lot.
i keep wanting to wire the tone to the bridge pup on my strat, but i never get around to it.
I rarely used mine until i got my JCM800, and now I use it all the time.

Didn't seem to make a big difference on a SS amp, but the differences in tone are incredible with my current rig.
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ill move mine in the range between 2 and 6, above 6 is way to trebily and the sound starts cracking when it goes les than 2.
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totally, sometimes when the vocals are going i go more to the bottom end and it complements the vocals more. also it just sounds good in songs when you switch it up, why wouldnt you?
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no i dont use it, my guitar knobs are always up, i use my amp to get my tone

I do the opposite. Makes more sense to have the knobs right there on your guitar instead of on the other side of the stage/room, doesn't it?
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I do the opposite. Makes more sense to have the knobs right there on your guitar instead of on the other side of the stage/room, doesn't it?

seriously. and you go up to ur amp to change ur tone, creep out the audience with the crazy feedback you get.
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i never use my tone knobs. i only basically use the volume knob and the selector switch
I use it most on my Les Paul Speecial II
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