tomorrow Mana (THE BIGGEST LATIN AMERICAN ROCK BAND IN THESE UNIVERSE) is coming to town... and since theyre my favorite spanish-speaking-band in the world im going to do a 10 - 12 hour waiting outside the stadium to be at the very front...

soo... how long have yall ever waited in line for a concert??
13 months.

edit: oh right actually waiting outside the venue..

about an hour, I usually get to the front anyway.
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An hour-ish.
It was the only concert I've ever been to. Metal Blade's 25th anniversary tour and we already bought the tickets. So we just stood out there for about an hour and went in.
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about 20 minutes?
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waited about an hour, hour an a half for claypool to get in, funny how they search everyone and then there's probably a cumulative 20 pounds of weed being passed around in the place.
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...i was expecting something like "i camped out for two days in the middle of the snow, lost on of my pinky toes... but i was there"....

but im too pumped right now to care
3 and a half hours. Forget who it was for. I knoiw it was in 06, as I did that for nearly all 18 shows I went to last year.