Going to start gigging soon. Looking to get a half stack, preferably tube, for no more than $1600. I play hard rock/metal. Looking for Tool type distortion. I've been thinking about Peavey 6505. Just looking for recommendations. Also, how are B-52's?
Do not get a B-52, for your money i would get a used Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head ($1000) and a used marshall 1960a or somthing like that cab (600)
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Half stack is not totally necessary, I've played the combo mesa boogie tremoverb which is what I like, but they are impossible to find.
you can get anything used for $1600
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get a mesa single rectorfier triple rectifiers are way too loud especially if you are pa'd
For $1600 are you wanting a killer head with a decent cab, the other way around, or something in the middle.

You could get an H&K Switchblade combo for $1500 I believe, the head is $1,400 or so. Save up for a cab.

A single recto, F-100, Nomad, Mark IV, Mark III, and Roadking can fall in the $1,600 range. It's more of a matter of buying a cab after that.

Avatar and Carvin sells some good priced 2x12s and 4x12s.
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